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Why do things the old, slow way when there‚Äôs an easy, fast solution?

Are you looking for a place to streamline your quoting and enrollment process? If so, congratulations! You don't have to look any further! Morgan White Group (MWG) has developed an all-in-one platform to handle quoting and enrollment for all group ancillary lines. To further simplify things, after implementation, your groups will have the ability to handle all employee management, group billing, and plan documents in one place! This means, once enrollment is complete, your groups only have to go to one place for all their needs!

MWG works with over 20,000 appointed brokers across the U.S. Our brokers have consistently requested a one-stop-shop for group implementation and management. We are talking about one place to quote, one enrollment process, one bill, one place to make adds/changes, one customer service team, and one login!

How it Works

  1. Get Contracted/Appointed through MWG
  2. Once you are set up with MWG — log into your Broker Portal
  3. Start quoting new groups
  4. When the group wants to move forward, start the enrollment process (next step after quote)
  5. Group Enrolls through Electronic Open Enrollment or Census Enrollment; Group signs off on application and IMPLEMENTATION IS COMPLETE
  6. Groups are loaded into the system within 72 hours
  7. Applications and files are sent to carriers through EDI feeds
  8. Groups are provided access to Group Portal (Billing | Employee Management | Plan Docs)
  9. Broker sees group inside Broker Portal (Can request group access to help with group management)

System Highlights

Broker Highlights

  • Online Quoting & Group Enrollment (2-299)
  • Plans available in all 50 states
  • A-Rated Carriers — Delta Dental, VSP, Davis Vision, Standard Life, AmFirst, Cigna, and BrightBenefits
  • Customizable Enrollment Platform for each group
  • EDI Feeds with each carrier (no cost to group or agent)
  • Digital email proposals and sales materials

Group Highlights

  • Group portal gives access to all products with one login
  • Consolidated Billing — One bill for all carriers
  • Adds & Changes — Handled in one place for all carriers
  • Employee Engagement Videos — Product Guide to assist employees
  • Concierge Program — Free of Charge

Carriers Available

  • Delta Dental Insurance Company
  • VSP
  • Davis Vision
  • AmFirst Insurance Company
  • Standard Life Insurance Company
  • OneAmerica
  • WellVia
  • IdentityGuard
  • Cigna
  • BrightBenefits